Miguel Santos

Software Developer & Software Architect

Sysadmin & DevOps

After gaining the passion for IT, the pursue for more knowledge never stopped. Learned the basic skills while developing for multiple multiplayer gameservers most of his youth, setting up to a new level by developing gambling websites from 2015 to 2017, one of them broke through the 1 million USD profit milestone.

On 2016, he started the course Electronics and Computers Engineer on University Of Coimbra, opening the doors towards the R&D environment, gaining an 6-month internship on Ingeniarius, publishing a chapter, teaching a post-graduate course and designing and building other systems.

On the free time, another passion raised, the passion of a volunteer, starting on a students core, ending up on the National Emergency Coordination of the Portuguese Red Cross, where he now has a rank of Expert in IT. He also joined the VOST Portugal (Virtual Operations Support Team), where he indirectly worked for the Prime Ministers Office.

Student, Worker, Volunteer trying to shape the world to a better place.

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Portuguese Red Cross Joined the National Emergency Coordination at the Portuguese Red Cross, gaining the rank Expert in IT, where I perform multiple tasks such as project planning, development, system administration and more. Portuguese Red Cross - National Emergency Coordination

Aug 2019

VOST Portugal Joined the VOST Portugal, where I help as a developer. VOST Portugal

May 2019

Codefive Consultant at Codefive, a software house based in Lisbon. Developed systems integrating Moodle & Laravel, implemented DevOps and Monuitoring Systems CodeFive

Nov 2018

Robotcraft Teacher and mentor on a robotics course for post-graduate students wanting to start a career in robotics. Robotcraft
Ingeniarius Started an 6-month internship on a R&D company of Coimbra Ingeniarius

May 2017

University of Coimbra Joined the course Electronics and Computers Engineer on University of Coimbra, starting R&D projects, internships and volunteer works University of Coimbra

Setember 2016

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive After 3 years of constant learning and small projects, big contracts were completed. One of them surpassing the 1 million USD profit milestone. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gambing Websites

June 2015

San Andreas Multiplayer Where it all started, building and managing servers reaching up to 100 players San Andreas Multiplayer

June 2012

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